Product Details

The "Product Details" page displays details of an individual product, such as; a photo or picture, long description, and information on pricing, discounts, stock and delivery details (if accessible).

Pricing (if accessible)

Standard Price / RRP (if accessible)

The base price of the product, such as the recommended retail price.

Your Price (if accessible)

The best price for the User who is currently logged in, as determined pricing policies within Dealers Online.

Stock Details (if accessible)

Shows details of the stock availability of the product: Free Stock, On hand, Committed, Incoming.

On hand

Quantity of the product which is currently on hand (ie, in stock.).


Quantity of the product which has been ordered to customers (ie, already committed to an order.).


Quantity of the product which has been ordered (ie, expected to be on hand in the future.).

Product PDF

Document such as a Product Fact Sheet or Technical Specification about the product.

Ordering from the Product Details page

To order the product from the Product Details page:

  1. Enter the quantity required in the "Quantity" box alongside the product code.
  2. The quantity entered may be validated; (Depending on the configuration of Dealers Online)
  1. Click the "Buy" button beside the quantity entered;
  2. This will take you to the Items & Quantities section of the Your Cart page.
  3. The items and quantities ordered will be shown.